Lawrie Hill

Caboolture - Queensland- Australia

I started bowling 43 years ago as a once a week means of competition that was affordable. As the children became more independent, the mortgage got smaller, the wages got better, and I got hungrier and better at the game. I started bowling more and stronger leagues, and also started bowling tournaments. From the beginning, I have amassed titles at regional, state, national, and international levels.

I love hammer gear for many, many reasons:

  • First, success (league & tourn) Red Hammer and Blue Hammer
  • Continued success with Blue Hammer and Burgundy Hammer
  • Have been lucky enough to be part of Hammer family (and be treated as family) by both Faball & Ebonite Int.
  • Back-up and Service has always been excellent
  • To this day, the Hammer Gear is still brilliant

I am, these days, bowling as a grand-senior with Hammer, and still getting great results, and even after 43 years, I am still just as hungry for competition, and still enjoying tenpin bowling. As all good competitors know:
"Nothing Hits Like a Hammer."