Brian O’Mara

Been a part of Hammer since 2002. I've been working in the pro shop business since 1987. I've been part of the Dick Ritger Bowling Camps as the lead pro shop technician and have drilled balls for people from all over the world as well as the professional ranks. While I don't have all the award scores some bowlers may in this day and age, I am proud of the ones I do have. I've been bowling in sport leagues exclusively since they have been around. In that time I have managed two sport 300's, two 299's as well as a number of 11 in a row's. So I'm more proud of those award scores than any on a house shot.

I continue to drill balls for people and my goal is to improve the games of those I drill for. There is no better feeling than watching or hearing about someone's accomplishments and knowing I had a hand in them.