Candis Heringer

300's - 3

Bowling is a family sport around here. I was brought into the game by my dad at the age of 12, and instantly fell in love with it. I gradually worked my way up from the bottom to a high point at 14 shooting 300 in the local city youth tournament. I knew that day that this was something I wanted to continue with in college and began bowling as many youth tournaments as I could. Which lead me into meeting many of my current best friends. Including my husband. I decided my senior year in high school to continue my love for bowling at Morehead State in Eastern Ky.  A mixture of homesickness and bad grades had  me back home in Cincinnati sooner than I wanted, I continued my passion for bowling with my dad and my husband. I have been married now for 9 years and have 2 beautiful daughters Grace (10) Lucy (6). I spend the weekends bowling tournaments with my competitive husband Chris and teaching my girls to bowl.  After many years I still love this sport and want to help make it grow to the younger kids and show them the amazingness this sport has to offer.  I am a true #HAMMERHEAD and NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER