Chris Monroy

Well, I am the only bowler in the family and I was started by my father when I was about 3 years old in a nearby candlepin center which is no longer in existence, Thunderbird Bowl. I bowled my 1st Junior League in 1986 and in the last game of the season (Beat the Coach), I had the front 9 with my 10# blue pearl swirl "K-Mart Special" Ebonite Galaxy 300. On the 1st ball in the 10th however, I took 3 off the right and ended up shooting a 273 game.

That is what started it and while I am a full time attorney, I love to bowl with all my heart. It was the one sport that I excelled at as a child and I just loved and was drawn to the apparent simplicity of the sport but learned quickly that it is much harder than it looks. I joined the PBA in 1994 and quickly learned that, in all honesty, I flat out stunk. However, I was very fortunate to have met Rocky Lopes in 1994 who took me under his wing and taught me many great lessons about not only how to bowl, but life in general. Upon his passing, a good friend of his, Mark Roth, decided to take me under his wing and "finish" what Rocky had started. I could not have been more fortunate to have had these 2 individuals teach me how to bowl and genuinely cannot thank them enough. In 2004, I was most fortunate to be signed by Hammer to a staff position. Thanks to their tutelage and with the assistance of Hammer, I have won multiple Worcester, MA county titles, 2 Massachusetts State Titles (including 2004 All Events Scratch Champion), 2 New England Bowlers Association (NEBA) titles (including the 2005 NEBA Tournament of Champions), and the pride of my bowling career, the 2007 PBA Williams Auto Group Open Champion, my PBA regional title. I have many other accomplishments of which I am proud including holding the Worcester County average and series record, sport 300/800's etc.

I don't pretend to be the best bowler in the world but for a person who had a full time profession as a lawyer, I am very proud of what I have accomplished and again, I cannot thank enough Rocky Lopes and Mark Roth enough for all of the patience and knowledge they have given me as well as being not only great mentors/role models, but true and phenomenal friends to me. I also wish to thank Hammer for not only making the best tools of the bowling trade, but for all of the technical support they have provided. What I have accomplished is primarily due to the coaching i've been so very fortunate to receive as well as from the great support I have received from Hammer.