Christopher Andrew Szymanski

Miami, FL 

I started bowling when I was 11 years old and I instantly got hooked. My dad would take me every Sunday when he went to practice and watching all of the older bowlers continually strike made me want to just improve as much as I could. Bowling high school and collegiately sealed the deal and I love the team aspect of bowling and having the pressure of having 4 other guys depending on you to perform in the 10th frame.

 I love Hammer bowling because of the attitude of the company and their equipment. The balls look aggressive in nature and when you drill one up straight out of the box you know the looks match the performance. I have never had equipment that hit as hard as any one of my Hammer bowling balls and my scores have never been higher as well. I currently work at a Pro Shop in Miami and couldn’t imagine not doing something in the bowling industry for the rest of my life. 

Biggest Payday on the Lanes: I won 2300 dollars at a local tournament in Miami averaging 260 for the 8 games. It was step ladder and I ended up bowling the 2nd qualifier and won 279 269. As happy as I was about the pay day I was more happy with how I performed the entire tournament and how I withstood the pressure of his continuous striking to win.