Clarence McQueen, Jr.

I started bowling when I was 9 years old and have been bowling ever since (45 years now).  I’m a bowling alley baby! I grew up in the bowling centers of Detroit, Michigan – the Bowling Capital of the World. Bowling is in my blood!  I inherited the love of the sport from my Dad – Clarence Sr. (he had to stop bowling in 2009 due to health reasons).  I bowled my first 300 with the Black Hammer (urethane) in November 1988 (25 years ago) at the Jewelry Factory (Armadilla II lanes in Houston, Texas). Born and raised in Detroit, MI and moved to Houston, TX in 1982.

I love to bowl (I can’t picture myself doing anything else) and I believe I am up to any challenge out there.  My self-titled bowling nickname is “Speed Bump”.  I may not always beat you but I can sure slow you down and make you sweat!  I love Hammer because they gave me the opportunity to represent them, we have terrific Staff members and a “Kick A**” line of bowling balls and equipment that can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the industry!  Nothing hits like our stuff!  Come and get some!