Jeffrey C. Grego

Fort Wayne , Indiana 

Both my parents bowled but never pushed me into it . I have always loved to bowled since I started at age of 5 . I  started representing HAMMER in 2002-03. I have always respected  and followed  the HAMMER name as one of my first hand me down bowling balls was a Black Hammer . I learned how to drill from a good friend ( John Nolen ) but have never ran a proshop.

I work a full time job which allows me to pursue my dreams but also puts food on the table so Im not pressing everytime I shoe up . One of my best weeks was I bowled Monday , Wednesday , Friday and during this week I shot scores of 300-810 on Monday , 814 on Wed. , and 300-816 on Friday . Now the incredible thing was this was in 3 different houses all with my newly drilled Big Blue .