James Lizzo

300's - 50

800's - 30

I started bowling when I was 5 yrs old and have never stopped! Bowled my first league when I was 15 and started coaching at 16! Little did I know that that was my calling and have coached ever since although I was bowling in college I was asked to coach at my High School which was starting a team. 8 years later and League Champions and Conference Championships to mark the team I was asked to help my old college team when my coach at St. John’s University came calling. Many berths in to the college nationals followed in the next 12 years. Now I’m proud to be a part of the Adelphi University women’s NCAA Bowling team and in the 5 years have a 3rd finish in the college nationals 2010 and have won the NEC conference just last year.

Bowling on the lanes has been good too, Many 300’s and 800’s have past as well as tournaments but I might say bowling 300 with my twin brother at the same time was a special as it had never been done before. We both became Hammer staffers in 2002 and have loved every moment of it. I own Bowler’s Touch pro shop, and currently am celebrating our 21st year at Sheridan Lanes which is one of the oldest bowling centers in the northeast. Hammer has been “my” brand and I love the continuing pieces that they are producing. I don’t think I’m the typical “Hammer guy” in that I’m small in stature but I think most of my friends would agree on the lanes with Hammer it’s a formidable foe . My old coach taught me and Hammer is giving me the tools to show case the sport in a bright light and that’s what I want to instill in all my students.