Joe Goldstein, Sr.

My bowling career started in 1973 at the age of 11. My father took me to the lanes nearly everyday and it just stuck with me.  Soon I was bowling in junior leagues and practicing everyday on my own. I never took it seriously until my late 20’s when a couple of people told me about my release and timing being very clean and that I should take some lessons to get better. I started bowling more tournaments and making money and meeting many high end players in my area.  All through these years I really wanted to try the PBA but was afraid of embarrassing myself with a bad debut. However, in my first Regional as a guest I bowled a 300 and finished 5thin a pretty large and talented field.  Since then I have competed in nearly every PBA Regional in the West Region and a few national stops since 2006. To date I have one regular PBA Regional title and one PBA50 Regional title. I would love to bowl for a living, maybe when I retire but until then I continue working full time and enjoying family life.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to represent Hammer Bowling Products since 2006 and respect my position to the highest degree. There are so many outstanding players in the bowling world and to be selected to represent such a major player in the industry is just an absolute honor. I love the sport and the opportunity to engage with bowlers of all skill levels in PBA Pro ams and fund raisers as well. I am currently and have been affiliated with Seaside Pro Shop in Pacifica, California and pumping the Hammer name loud and clear!!

I have won another PBA50 Regional title since last profile update.  Now totaling 3 (2 senior. 1 standard).