Ken Schneider Jr.

300's - 40

800's - 22

My Parent’s love of bowling is what fueled my Passion for the game.  I often watched both my parents bowl leagues and Tournaments.  My Father and I were regular viewers of the Professional Bowlers Tour on ABC on Saturday afternoons.   At age 11, I join my first official league as a YABA Bantam.

In 1982, at the age of 13, my family moved to Saudi Arabia.  As there were no youth leagues available, I started bowling against the adults.  This inspired me to start practicing 10-15 games a day to be competitive.  By age 15, I was bowling against adults in Pot games with success. This motivated me even more.  My passion and love of bowing continued throughout High School.

My first Adult League membership came soon after I Enlisted in the US Army in 1988. During my enlistment, I competed in many tournaments in the Dallas and Austin Texas area.  It was during this time, I experienced my first PBA tournament, The 1991 Columbia 300 Austin Open.  

My travels throughout the world have allowed me to bowl in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Germany, Greece, England, and Finland.   When Honorably Discharged from the Army in 1992, I returned home to Florida and began to compete at a higher level earning my PBA membership and achieving over 70 honor scores.  

Both then and now my passion drives me to bowl.  I seek out the toughest conditions, which I believe, will bring out the best in a bowler.  I have been using Hammer Balls and equipment since the original Black Hammer in the 80’s. My History using Hammer equipment has given me a strong belief that any time I reach into my bag and choose a ball, I know that I have everything I need to win.