Kevin Gmach

300's - 30


800's - 17

I started bowling in a sanctioned league at age 8.  When I discovered that my average climbed as high as some of the older kids in my league, my competitive nature kicked in and I started practicing as much as I could.  My older cousin and I seemed to be able to con our parents and grandparents to chip in a few dollars on the weekends to allow us the extra games for practice.  We didn’t have anything in the way of hdcp. scholarship tournaments in our area so I had to travel a bit to compete and bowl scratch, many times against much older bowlers, and learn by taking my beatings.  This made me practice more and more to try to compete with this older generation.

 At age 14 I was asked if I was interested in working in the Pro Shop.   I was thrilled to receive this opportunity.  To be able to start learning the game at the next level while receiving discounted equipment and unlimited lineage, a bowler’s dream come true!  I chose Wichita State University for my education,  where I quickly found another Pro Shop to study in, as an assistant in one of the areas new centers.  Injuries hindered my collegiate bowling career so I started working more in the center and the Pro Shop.  I was working my way through the management training program when we decided to move back home to Sheboygan.

I continued working in the local centers for a few more years in various levels of Pro Shop operation and Management before leaving the business.  I continue to volunteer as a Jr. League Coach and Pro Shop consultant while being a proud Hammer Staff player.