Michael Price

Huntsville, Alabama

I have been bowling since I was five years old. I really started taking a huge interest in the sport when I turned fourteen. I started bowling competitively my last few years of  youth bowling in 2003-2004. I have been working in a bowling center since the age of sixteen and started my pro shop career in April of 2007 with McCorvey's Pro Shop. I am the manager of the McCorvey's Pro Shop location inside AMF Parkway Lanes in Huntsville, Alabama. It is the best feeling in the world as a pro shop operator when you hear someone tell you that they shot their highest set, or their highest score, or won a tournament with a bowling ball you drilled for them personally.

Biggest Payday on the Lanes:  A tie between when I shot my first 300 Game as a youth bowler and when I threw 27 strikes in a row during a local tournament and still had to strike out in the 10th frame of the last game to shoot my first sanctioned 800 Series with an 800 on the dot.