Mike Armstrong, Jr.

I started bowling at the age of 7. My aunt  Lori was working at Fiesta Lanes in Tucson, AZ and got me started in the Saturday Morning Jr program. I started loving Hammer bowling around the age of 15. A couple of good friends were bowling PBA Regional’s at the time and gave me a Hammer Doom Raw Anger and Black Widow Pearl to use. Ever since then, I’ve loved the Hammer products.
I’ve worked in the bowling industry since the age of 15. I started out doing customer service and worked my way up to working the front desk and helping with league coordinator. I’ve also helped in a Pro Shop since the age of 17. I love bowling for the challenge, meeting new friends and being able to travel to different parts of the country and world. I’m currently bowling in the PBA Regional program and some National Tour Stops to gain as much valuable knowledge and experience, in order to obtain my goals of capturing a National Tour Title.