Novella L. Daniels

300's - 18

800's - 13

Novella has been bowling since she was five, but her mother made her quit after the first year, because they did not have bumpers back then, and she threw too many gutter balls! Fortunately, she was persistent and returned the next season...The start of a lifelong love with the sport of bowling mostly due to her mom and uncle.  At age 9, she began bowling in The National Bowling Association (TNBA) tournaments and still competes in them today.  Novella bowled in the Y.A.B.A in the Detroit area, continued in college at Michigan State University, where the Collegiate bowling association named her to the All-American Collegiate Bowler 2nd Team.  As an adult, she has excelled at the local and state levels winning the Metro Detroit USBC Queens in 2007 and the Michigan Queens twice in 1999 and again in 2013 followed by a 3rd place finish in 2014.  Novella Daniels was inducted into the Metro Detroit Hall of Fame (2010) and the Michigan Hall of Fame (2012).  This bowling season 2014-2015, she led the team, Salt and Pepper who broke the State Tournament record with a team score of 3536.  As a member of TNBA, she won the Central Regional Rhodman in 1993, the National TNBA Rhodman in 1993 and the Bacardi Classic/Reed-Hawthorne Classics in 1999 and 2012. At the USBC National level, in the 2000 WIBC Queens in Reno she rolled the first 300 of the tournament, and in 2000, her team set a WIBC record for scratch series with a 3557.


In 2011, blessed with an opportunity to try a few of the new Hammer balls, at that time, and fell in love with the brand all over again.  As a youth bowler she through multiple Hammers (Burgundy, Pink, and Blue to name a few) and as an adult she fell in love with the Black Widow.  


As a follow-up to joining the Hammer staff in 2011, Turbo-2-N-1 Grips offered her a contract in 2014.  She continues as a blessed and highly favored member of both staff.


Novella claims, Hammer has always had a soft spot in her heart and today’s equipment rolls right into her wheelhouse.  Nothing Hits Like A Hammer…It is time to Do Work!