Pat McGainey Jr.

Since I could throw a bowling ball I would go with my dad early for his leagues and practice with him. I joined the youth league when I was 10 years old. Fab ball witch was Hammer’s original owner was right around the corner. Their balls were the most popular balls at the time I started bowling, so my first 3  brand new balls were the blue pearl, red pearl, and burgundy hammers. Everyone was scoring with them and I shot some of my best score with them including my first 300. So since then that’s all I loved throwing.

I do not work in the bowling industry, I am diesel mechanic for a caterpillar dealership for 16 years now, I have backed off to 4 nights a week bowling league and tournaments on the weekend. Only so I can spend more time with the family and watch my kids bowl. I do not make a living bowling, but it certainly pays off. I think that’s the only reason the wife is ok with how much I bowl.  

Biggest Payday on the Lanes:  I shot 804 at the USBC nationals in Corpus Christi, Texas in the doubles even to take the lead only to lose by a stick, to me that meant a lot. But payday wise , I bowled a tournament at carolier lanes in NJ. I used the original blue vibe that I drilled the day before that tournament. I was the leader of every cut game to get me to the finals, where I had split the winnings for 7,000 each.