Patrick Helmecy

300's - 41

800's - 14

I have to say thank you to my dad for getting me started in bowling at the age of 5,  because 29 years later I am still on the lanes knocking the pins down with some of my closest friends and family. It has also lead me to working in the bowling industry for 19 years, doing everything from mechanic, to Pro Shop, to Asst. Manager of three bowling centers.

In my life it's Hammer or nothing. This equipment has been such an impact on my life. I was down on my luck trying to find the right equipment to fit my game, then a friend gave me a Hammer, Turbo Diesel, and the first game with it I shot 299. Then I was hooked! 10 years later, I am still loyal and a huge fan of the Hammer brand. In my life of bowling it's not about the money it's about league and tournament titles and passing on my knowledge of the game to the people who want to better themselves on the lanes.