Paul Brown

Westerfield, OH

I am currently the Head Women’s Bowling Coach at The Ohio State University.  This season is my 4th year in that position. I coached high school bowling for 8 years prior to taking that coaching spot.

I love the Hammer line because we have so much to offer for every type of lane conditions.  If you want something that hooks early, we have it.  If you want something that skids down the lane and makes a sharp turn, we have it. If you want a spare ball with a weight block… yup we have that too.

My father got me interested in bowling when I was in the 7th grade and since that time I have done a lot with the great sport.  From running a junior league program to coaching at the collegiate level to running youth scholarship tournaments to volunteering to help run and organize a Bowl For A Cure.

My passion runs deep and my wonderful wife, Heather, is a huge supporter and gets involved with everything I am doing with bowling.

I do not make a living from bowling, I could only wish for that to happen, but I do work as an Account Manager for Dr. Pepper Snapple Group where I take care of 90 different accounts.