Ricky Hale

I began bowling at the age of 18 at Lebanon Lanes in Lebanon Ohio. The first few years they oiled the lanes with a squirt bottle and a dust mop. You could say shot making was imperative. I bowled for 17 years before my first perfect game in 1998. I currently have fifty six 300’s and twenty six 800’s if my count is correct. I began bowling, as everyone does, for fun. I became competitive after moving to a more modern center and discovering how properly oiled lanes can improve scoring.

I won my first tournament at Cherry Grove Lanes in Cincinnati in 1999. I loved the thrill of winning so much that I began bowling in every tournament that I could find. I’ve been fortune enough to succeed in many tournaments throughout the years, winning The Dayton Open, The River Valley Shootout, the King of Bowling in Cincinnati 3 times and the Clark County Masters 3 times as well as many other smaller tournaments and sweepers.

I love being a part of the greatest name in bowling. When I walk into a center, everyone knows Hammer Bowling is there. Helping bowlers improve by assisting them in choosing the right equipment for their game is a wonderful job.