Scott Sullinger

What made me start bowling:  I started bowling at age 4 because of my parents.  They were avid bowlers, bowling 4 nights a week.  So I grew up sleeping under the tables in a bowling center when my game money ran out!  I bowled right handed until age 36, and then I had an injured right wrist.  Rather than stop bowling I changed to left handed.  I was the first bowler in Nebraska to shoot 300-800 with both hands.  I was inducted into the Omaha Hall of Fame in 2013.

The Bowling Store is my pro shop, I have been open for 7 years, and just in the last 2 years now have expanded to 4 locations.

I have been on Hammer Staff for 3 years now and I love every bit of it.  Hammer is a company that works hard for what they want.  They are easy balls to sell because they have good shelf appeal and quality products.  And the bright color apparel is awesome!  It always gets everyone’s attention when I am on the lanes.  I enjoy throwing the balls first hand so that I can help people decide which ball is right for them.  It is a pleasure and honor to be on the Hammer team.

Biggest Payday on the Lanes:  For me it isn’t about the money, my payday was shooting 300-800 left handed after changing hands.

My honor scores:
Right handed  -  16 300’s   10 800’s  High series of 867
Left handed   -  5 300’s  1 800  High series of 825