Shane McCrary

Silt, Co

My highest PBA finish is 3rd and I have had too many match play appearances to mention. I own five C.U.T.B.A. titles including the yearly roundup tournament which I think is still the record. I was a PBA member for 18 years from 1995 and currently dropped my card for more amateur opportunities. Bowling has paid for itself in my life for a long time now and I do still dream of cracking into the finals in a T.V. show someday.

Hammer is the best company in the sport! I am so proud to have been on staff for nine years now. The best part of being on staff is that I feel like it’s an extension to my family. We all take care of each other as best we can! The products they put out are top notch. Bottom line is that Hammer hooks harder, hits harder, and looks better than any other brand out there. I love Hammer….nothing hits harder!!!

Biggest Payday on the Lanes: approx $5,000 at Nationals after brackets and standings were paid out.
Finished third at SW regional for $3,000 after side pots and 3rdplace check
C.U.T.B.A Round up champion paid $2,000 plus $1,600 for progressive pot in which I won and several hundred in side pots and brackets.