Tom Gooley Jr.

My interest in bowling started at a very young age. My dad would take me with him on league nights to watch him bowl. He bowled three nights a week and I would go with him every night. I remember being in awe of the scores he would shoot since I couldn’t even score more than 100 at the time.

My very first brand new performance ball was the Blue Pearl urethane Hammer. This was the first ball I threw that would actually hook” big” in its day. I got this ball as a Christmas present and remember sitting on the floor spinning the ball for hours just to see what it would look like rolling down the lane. I have loved Hammer equipment ever since!

I am currently the owner/operator of Brad’s Pro Shop. My family and I have owned the Pro Shop since 1994 and I have loved every minute working in this industry. I have seen many things over the years working in this business. One thing always remains the same. NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER!!!