Tom Jordan

My parents were avid bowlers and very much an influence on my bowling career.  I started bowling around 7 yrs old in junior leagues where I gained lots of experience and friends.  Throughout my junior years, I bowled in Chuck Pezzano’s JBT Tour in New Jersey and the tri-state area, as well as in High School.  My senior year I averaged 217, which in 1984, was highest average in NJ high schools.  I tried the PBA Tour shortly in 1988, made the top 24 once in Cleveland, but realized that between the cost and lifestyle, it wasn’t for me.  Earlier in 1988, I won 2 PBA Eastern Regional tournaments; however, my biggest accomplishment was on March 7, 1989, while bowling a 4 game doubles league, I shot 300-299-300-299 for 1198 (with a plastic ball).  At the time, it set a handful of records including breaking Allie Brandt’s 50-year old record.  The only one record remaining now is the 1198 for 4 games.  Another highlight was in 2002, while bowling nationals in Billings, Montana, I shot 300 in the team event which was a thrill to do it in that environment.

I currently own DiTolla’s Pro Shop inside Bowler City Lanes in Hackensack, NJ, where I am happy to say  the shop is busy with league, college, high school and junior bowlers.

I love Hammer because of their dedication and pursuit to giving bowlers so much technology as well as the variety of their products for the average league bowler all the way up to the Professional.  I have some other reasons to love bowling as well.  Because of this sport, I met my wife, in 1988.  She is also a bowler, and we are both in the NJ State Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.  I am happy to say that my son and daughter are enjoying the sport also.

I have been fortunate to be a Hammer Staffer for several years now and am grateful as it is a brand that I respect and enjoy putting in the hands of my customers.

As I have used hammer products for many years, there are many that I have liked.  In recent times, the Diesel Particle red/black and the Power Diesel were on the top of my equipment list.  For the current, selection, it’s a toss up between the Arson Hybrid and the Jet Black Taboo; however, the Absolute Hook is growing on me quickly.