Amanda Greene


PWBA titles Standard (1): 2015 PWBA Lincoln Open, Lincoln, Neb.

Years on Junior Team USA (1): 2012 - One gold medal (team) at 2012 WTBA World Youth Championships

2014 PBA Midwest Women's Regional points winner

- Runner-up at 2014 PBA BowlStrong Midwest/Central Challenge

- Third-place finish at 2014 PBA Women's Regional Challenge

- Seventh-place finish at 2014 USBC Queens

- 2013 XBowling Intercollegiate Team Championships Most Valuable Player (Lindenwood)

- Three-time XBowling Intercollegiate Team Championships All

-Tournament Team (Lindenwood)

- Three-time NCBCA First-Team All-American (Lindenwood)

- Three-time IBMA Collegiate Player of the Year Runner-Up (Lindenwood)

- 2010 XBowling Intercollegiate Singles Championships finalist

- 2009 Maryland State Youth Bowler of the Year and Star of Tomorrow